Science Target aims at publishing a growing list of academic journals in various disciplines including Technology, Business, Health and Medicine, Engineering, Environment and Natural Resources, Behavior, Arts and Humanities, and Education. Currently, Science Target publishes the following journals. Click below for more information on each title:

ijslup mdm

International Journal of Sustainable Land Use and Urban Planning (IJSLUP) International Journal of Land Use and Urban Planning (IJSLUP) is a prime multidisciplinary forum for exchanging knowledge on fundamental and applied aspects of land use and urban planning. IJSLUP invites researchers, practitioners, professionals and consultants around the globe to publish high quality, peer-reviewed articles on contemporary and future developments in Land Use and Urban Planning.

ijes mdm2

International Journal of Environment and Sustainability (IJES) is a multidisciplinary forum aims at addressing all aspects of environmental and sustainable developments across disciplines and nations. IJES publishes high quality, peer-reviewed manuscripts that cover social, technological, natural, economic and institutional dimensions of environment and sustainability.

ijbrd mdm

International Journal of Business Research & Development (IJBRD) provides an international forum to disseminate new knowledge on all aspects of business research and development across disciplines, continents and countries. IJBRD encourages academics, researchers, managers, professionals, consultants and policy makers around the globe to exchange theoretical and empirical research outcomes.

ijafr mdm

International journal of Agricultural & Food Research (IJAFR) is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to advancing agricultural and food research. IJAFR encourages theoretical, experimental and technical research on agriculture and food sciences at farm, community, regional, national and international levels.



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