Science Target Conference Systems, Ajman 4th International Environment Conference 2016

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Survey Of PAHs And Their N-PAH Analogues In Soils From Oil Exploration Areas Of Niger Delta, Nigeria
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Last modified: 2015-12-03


Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and their nitrogen-analogues (N-PAHs) were investigated in soil samples collected from oil exploration areas of the Niger Delta. Physical/chemical para­meters of the soil samples were determined and PAHs/N-PAHs were analysed by GC/MS, following soxhlet extraction. The soils were found to be extremely alkaline with low CEC values. The mean PAHs and N-PAHs concentrations measured in the samples ranged from 663.9-1,618,821.2 µg/kg and 488.2-3,510.3 µg/kg, respectively. Petrogenic-PAHs predominated the oil spill sites while pyrogenic-PAHs dominated the drilling and gas flaring sites. Further, spill sites recorded elevated concentrations of N-PAHs, with 3-ring and carcinogenic-N-PAHs showing dominance. Statistical analysis revealed statistically significance positive correlation in the distribution of PAHs and N-PAHs in the region; indicating similar anthropogenic sources. Additionally, PAHs/N-PAHs levels in the soil samples were found to be higher compared with other agricultural/industrial contaminated soils in literature; indicating that the region may need further survey/remediation. Studies like this are important for the development of soil quality guidelines in relation to human health and soil-biota.