Science Target Conference Systems, Ajman 4th International Environment Conference 2016

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Environmental Policy for governments’ responsibility demand
Datis Khajeheian

Last modified: 2015-11-25


Climate change has been introduced as one of the major influencing factors for recent human tragedies such as Syrian refugees crisis. Also it is predicted that new immigration waves are in the way, based on environmental problems. Those debates in media has highlighted the effect of environmental changes for citizens.

The paper discusses the environmental issues of the region with an interdisciplinary approach. Using a content analysis of 168 articles in environmental effects on societies, author concluded that technological advances without a communication strategy in society level have lower chance of success.

Cases of 67.7 temperature in Iranian city of Mahshahr, Iraqi protests for air conditions, dust storms, Syrian rural immigration, Iranian water crisis and local struggles, pessimistic predictions for future of cities in the gulf coast are extracted as important case studies. Social Construction of Technology has been used as theoretical framework of the study.

Analysis shows that social media and mobile social networks has played an outstanding role in informing citizens from the environmental problems and have encouraged them for government responsibilities. From the other side, this effects on government decision making by highlighting the importance of environmental issues on national security and have assisted the environmental institutions to drive governments’ attention to the environment, investment on technologies and attention to best practices.

As Environmental issues has not national, but global effects, understanding how social tools could make pressure on governments with low level of environmental responsibility, is the contribution of this paper.