Science Target Conference Systems, Ajman 4th International Environment Conference 2016

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Experimental and simulation of nano Clay addition to asphalt on long term performance of pavement using neural network
A. Hassani

Last modified: 2016-01-05



Asphalt is a particulate composite typically made of bitumen or polymer-modified  in most common way of research, whereas the nano-mechanical asphalt design nano-science and -technology may lead to significant improvements in term of asphalt pavement performance. The application of  nano clay on the  fatigue life of asphalt pavement have  not been yet  thoroughly understood. In this research, two type of highway asphalt materials, asphalt mix and asphalt mixed  with nano clay were employed for the fatigue behavior of the asphalt  pavement materials. The effect of  nano additive on the performance of flexible pavements is investigated through the repeated constant stress indirect tensile test for the core samples prepared by conventional mix and asphalt mixed with 2% of nano clay in four stress levels from 200 – 500 kPa.  The primary results indicated nano core samples have almost double or even more fatigue lives in most of stress levels with less variability than the conventional ones. The above experimental results used in neural network for the prediction of fatigue life of at various conditions.