Science Target Conference Systems, Ajman 4th International Environment Conference 2016

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Made By Disabled: Developing Green-Business SME on Coconut-Based Waste Recycling Program for Disabled Persons in Indonesia
Andy Aulia Prahardika

Last modified: 2015-11-25


Green business has been widely-known as one of the solution to reduce waste-polution in the environment. Many kinds of waste including organic-based wastes which is possible to be recycled into valuable products spread and untreated. Indonesia as one of the tropical-climate country has been widely-known as the producers of coconut which is increasing the number of coconut shell in the environment. Besides, in 2012, the total number of Small-and-Middle Enterprises (SME) in Indonesia has increased 2,57% than in 2011 which is indicate that Indonesia has already come into a developing-stage in terms of economic growth.  In the other side, Indonesia was also dominating by disabled-person which is contribute 15% from the total of Indonesian population in 2012 and only in a small number who get a job on their productive-stage. Based on that reasons, a management system to improve the disabled-persons skills are needed to guide them to be a productive and possibly to be an entrepreneur  primarly by develop waste on their surrounding.  To develop that system, others stakeholders are needed together analyze the needs as the main base to design a green integrated-management system which is designed by follow the plan, do, check method. The results after Made by Disabled concept was implemented in Yogyakarta, Indonesia are, that it can improve the disabled-person productivity, eliminate waste (coconut sheel), increase revenue, and attract the other people especially disabled-persons to involved in this green-business activities.