Science Target Conference Systems, Ajman 4th International Environment Conference 2016

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Metal Removal from Liquid Effluents by Precipitation using Oxalis Plant
Benouali Djillali

Last modified: 2015-11-23


A review of plant extracts of several species have been extensively characterized for remediation of water heavy metal pollution. And these plants can offers an alternative option to the chemical reagents. When optimized, application of plant as significiance for water treatment technology may offer an inexpensive, practical and appropriate solution for water depollution in some developing communities. The aim of this study is the reduction of zinc and lead from water. Various methods utilized for remiving or recovering the heavy metals are adsorption, chemical precipitation, sedimentation, filtration, reverse osmosis etc... We are interested  in using oxalis plant as a potential chelating/flocculent agent for the water treatment. Oxalis pes-capae has an exceptionally high content of oxalic acid which is known as moderate and week chelating agent. The efficiency of performance oxalis powder was estimated and the optimum dose was determined using conductivity, volumetric,atomic absorption and pH measurements. The results show the performance of axalis in treating metal pollutioneffluents effectively. In effect, a white crystalline precipitate of zinc or lead oxalate are easily extracted(up to 90% elimination of Zn or Pb) and a high settling rate is observed.