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Towards safer UAE roads: A micro-level approach
Benish Chaudhry

Last modified: 2015-11-23



Towards safer UAE roads: A micro-level approach


Dr Benish Chaudhry

Assistant Professor

College of Business Administration,

University of Modern Sciences,

Street 7-A, Al Twar 3,



Track : Best Practices

Keywords: safety, transportation economics, roads, urban transport




The paper focuses on micro-level approaches that are taken on individual level to make sure that the roads are safer and traffic issues are solved. The author has surveyed and interviewed 100 regular drivers and have come to baby steps that can be taught in order to make sure each resident/citizen in the UAE takes individual responsibility to make and help traffic flows.  Approaches include

-Regular traffic jam check

-time management

-don’t text and drive approach among others

-Creating applications to help citizens take alternate roads

-Car seat and driving with family and children

-Speed limits

among others.


The author also portay multiple means by which these micro-level issues can be taught at an individual level.