Science Target Conference Systems, Ajman 4th International Environment Conference 2016

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The Role of Multi- Functionality of Land Use in Achieving Integration in Infrastructure
Wahda Shuker Al-Hinkawi, Nada AbdulMueen Hassan, Teba Abdullah Mohammed

Last modified: 2015-11-19


The concept of green infrastructure rises as a contemporary, eco - friendly approach to develop the land, organize the relation between landscape resources, and their surroundings. The integration of green infrastructure with the built environment is essential to activate its role in facing the different challenges of city centers by achieving ecological balance and offering opportunities and many benefits to promote sustainable development of places and communities towards vibrant centers. Multi- functionality of land use is one of the main factors to activate the functions and offer multi services within specific zone, hence this research aims at showing its role in achieving integration in green infrastructure by offering a comprehensive theoretical framework to the concept of green infrastructure, its main benefits, and extracting the indicators of   the means to achieve integration in the green infrastructure systems,  main principles, and  the role of multi- functionality of land use in activating the green infrastructure. The research depends on analyzing a number of distinctive international case studies, and applying the extracted indicators on Baghdad center /Al- Rassafa to find out how to activate the possibilities of the green infrastructure to revitalize city centers.

Key words: Green infrastructure, benefits, Multi- Functionality, Integration of green infrastructure