Science Target Conference Systems, Ajman 4th International Environment Conference 2016

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Sustainable agriculture in urban or periurban wetlands of population dense metropolises of India with special reference to Kolkata: A climate adaptive strategy
Sarbani Nag, Mrinmoyee Naskar, Dipayan Dey

Last modified: 2015-11-11


A smart agribusiness encompasses sustainable agricultural process that ensures enhancement of environment quality and the natural resources to sustain the economic viability of farm operations. This initiative can serve as the best practice to boost economy of the specialized urban landscape like urban or periurban wetlands of metropolises of India with perusal of data from Kolkata. Kolkata being the financial hub of west Bengal, India draw poor communities to become the part of the economic fabric and many of them congregates at these places for generating livelihoods by multitude of activities living in unfriendly natural environment without formal support from Government system. In India, the government’s slum development programs are recognizing the rights of these communities, and we hope to capitalize on this to introduce an empowered socio-ecological community safeguarding ecosystem services of urban or periurban wetlands and enhancing the quality of life for farmers and society as a whole. Our functional model encompasses components such as conservation of social rights, awareness on climate resilient strategies and ecological benefits, generation of sustainable livelihood. The activities for these components are 1. Determine the wetland-related ecosystem services those facilitating sustainable aquaculture procedures for livelihood generation; 2. Identify the problems barring sustainable approach to the areas of intervention; 3. Develop a climate resilient wetland management program for urban/periurban wetlands in India; 4. Practice socio-ecological community empowerment approach that encompasses sustainability (cost benefit) of self-governance, overseen by the urban development authorities.

Keywords: wetlands, socio-ecological community, sustainable agriculture, climate resilient strategies