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Death of the human embryo from electromagnetic radiation

Last modified: 2016-01-14


In Russia since the 90’s the natality and the child population drastically reduced.

Its reason is a miscarriage, the death of an embryo in the womb.

In 2000, the St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy   published an article: "State immunity and humeral factors of nonspecific protection of persons living in conditions of microwave smog."  Their investigation shown that all persons who were living in such conditions have alter (reduce) the body immunity and as a result to the emergence of a number of diseases.

Analysis of dead embryos showed that near half of them dies from infection, and another half of them dies from genetic changes in tissues.

At this time cellular or mobile connection was appeared

Analysis of all known sources of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) led us to the conclusion that the greatest harm to human health and the death of an embryo

was produced the radiation of own cell phone or base station retranslates.

Without of immune defense infections are developed rapidly, so they can kill the embryo.
Mechanism  that EMR cause changes in genetic properties of the embryo cells was shown, so malignant  tumors and   metastasis can  seen at the autopsied of dead embryos.
If a human embryo is exposed to EMR and not to dye but to birth, the 30% of that children shall have a serious pathology.