Science Target Conference Systems, Ajman 4th International Environment Conference 2016

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Comparison of Irrigation Qualities of Septic Tank Effluents Reclaimed Using Aerobic- versus Anaerobic-Based Treatment Systems
Abdallah Abusam, Moh Elmuntasir Ahmed, Andrzej Mydlarczyk

Last modified: 2016-01-04


Conventional septic tanks remove partially suspended solids and organics from wastewater, but do not remove nutrients or pathogens. Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research has studied a number of promising systems for the reclamation of the effluents of conventional septic tanks. This paper compares the irrigation qualities of the final products of aerobic- versus anaerobic-based post-treatment systems. Reclamation of the effluents of a full-scale conventional septic tank indicated that anaerobic treatment results in lesser salinity, fewer suspended solids, and smaller amounts of organics than aerobic treatment which is found to be more efficient in the removal of total nitrogen. However, obtained results have also indicated that both treatment systems give almost the same concentrations of boron and heavy metals. Accordingly, it has been concluded that reclamation of effluents of conventional septic tanks requires a system that consists of both aerobic and aerobic biological treatment units.

Keywords: Wastewater, Septic Tank Effluents, Post-treatment, Irrigation Qualities, Aerobic treatment, Anaerobic Treatment.