Science Target Conference Systems, Ajman 4th International Environment Conference 2016

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Use The Techniques of Bio mimicry in the Formation of Skyscrapers in Dubai
abdullfatah mohammed Al-masehali

Last modified: 2015-10-30



The high-rise buildings architecture owes to its appearance in the modern urban landscape to the existence of many different factors in their properties, including technical and engineering factors, encounter existence remarkably in one city, to announce the start of a new era for the so-called era,( skyscrapers ) Of course, we mean that the city Dubai, capital of the global economy.

From here came the need to study these buildings and identify the nature of the impact and affected the surrounding environment on the level of urban , environmental and social, hence the importance of the current search out indicators design integration of urban high buildings ( skyscrapers ) using bio mimicry techniques "Bio mimicry".

Find depends on the tow axis where are the theoretical means to study the determinants and high design standards for buildings, either practical axis depends on the study of a group of high-rise buildings (skyscrapers ) the city of Dubai and exit mechanisms design to form the foundations of these buildings within the frameworks science simulation of nature.


Key words:

Bio mimicry - Skyscrapers - Dubai - Form - High-rise buildings - Techniques