Science Target Conference Systems, Ajman 4th International Environment Conference 2016

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Renewable Energy Utilization - Aspects and Innovations: Sustainable, Green, and Smart Buildings in the Emirate of Ajman
Abdul Salam Darwish

Last modified: 2016-02-13



The Emirate of Ajman has substantial amounts of natural, clean energy resources. This papsurveys the renewable energy potential in Ajman and demonstrates that the amountavailable alternative energy is capable of meeting both the present and future energy demaand could possibly be exported to other areas within the UAE. This work explores teconomic and practical feasibility of harvesting this energy potential and determine thatproper execution will combine the introduction of Smart-Green-Sustainable buildings wsocietal expectations for comfort, liveability, and demographic adaptability. Self-powerebuildings are the best solution for integrating the green-smart building concept into Ajmanurban landscape. These new structures must be designed in such a way that they optimizand capitalize upon the emirate’s climatic challenges. The successful incorporation sustainable, green, smart buildings involves a transition in technology applicatioenvironmental conservation, and social interaction. The technological aspect will certainlyaffected by the ever increasing sophistication of automated remote and control systems atheir expanding incorporation of digital communications. Innovations such as these wgenerate the advances needed in energy savings and power generation to decreaenvironmental impacts. Smart building provides the means to simultaneously make the benvironment more comfortable while reducing the carbon footprint. Green buildtechnology strives to enhance water and energy efficiency, and uses green constructmaterials and procedures to produce smart buildings that will optimise enerperformance. This paper presents a case study for an official Emirate building involvipossible economic projects.

Keywords Ajman – UAE, Smart Buildings, Green Buildings, Sustainable Buildings, Renewable EnergyUtilization.