Science Target Conference Systems, Ajman 4th International Environment Conference 2016

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Solar Photovoltaic in GCC: Status and Prospects
Hussein A Kazem

Last modified: 2015-10-29


In the next two decades the global electrical energy consumption is expected to nearly double. International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that meeting this demand for power will require more than 5,000 GW of new electricity generating capacity at a cost of more than USD 5 trillion. This reflected on exploring new generation technologies. The growth of using renewable energy to generate electricity, where the cost is inherent low, has mixed benefits. Some of the benefits are the effective loss reduction, potential to be used for volt management and control, peak load shaving, etc. From the other the hand fluctuation in fossil fuel prices make the renewable energy more attractive due to the stability.  This paper addresses some aspects of the solutions that that has been contributed in photovoltaic systems and more focus on Oman. Different photovoltaic systems configurations, standalone and grid connected, have been investigated and discussed for Oman. The effects of environmental parameters are taken in consideration in the system performance evaluation. The systems evaluated in terms of technical and economic criteria. The outcome of photovoltaic assessment is deemed important since it is found that the cost of the energy generated by the proposed system is 0.196 USD/kWh (for standalone) and 0.045 USD/kWh (for grid connected). Also, the technical and economical evaluation shows that the grid-connected photovoltaic system in feasible and promising in Oman and neighbor countries.