Science Target Conference Systems, Ajman 4th International Environment Conference 2016

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Predication of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes
Arafa Nagy Mohamed, Shereen Mohamed Elbanna

Last modified: 2015-12-19


Mosquitoes cause many human diseases. Over one million people worldwide die from mosquito-borne diseases every year. Mosquitoes must have water in order to complete their life, unique habitat of mosquito larval species regulated by specific water parameters. The understanding of environmental factors that affect mosquitoes larval abundance is a key factor for mosquitoes distribution, prediction of the best conditions for mosquitoes larval growth helps in control programs. Studying habitats of mosquitos' larvae and environmental factors give the image of larvae species habitat found in certain localities. Identifying of environmental parameters which are necessary for limiting mosquito larvae population, environmental factors that specific for mosquitoes species. These factors influencing the mosquito larval abundance and distribution. This study aims to develop of techniques that help prediction of diseases distribution contributed by mosquitoes.