Science Target Conference Systems, Ajman 4th International Environment Conference 2016

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Assessment of the Impacts of Climate variability and Sustainable Public Water Supply in Ilorin, Nigeria
Ogunleye-Adetona Iyabo Comfort, Ogunleye-Adetona Iyabo Comfort, Ashaolu Eniola

Last modified: 2015-10-10


The irregular public water supply in Ilorin for some years prompted an impact assessment of climate variability and sustainable public water supply Ilorin Nigeria. And since water availability is a function of climatic variability, data on climatic variables like rainfall, sunshine hour, minimum and maximum temperature, evaporation, relative humidity for 35 years (1978-2012) were obtained from the Nigeria Meteorological Agency. Also data on quantity of water supplied to the city between 2001-2012 was obtained from the Kwara State Water Corporation. Monthly analysis was carried out in order to understand and explain the relationship between water supply and climatic variables. The result of this study will enhance a proper planning and management of public water supply for sustainable development in the city. The multiple correlation analyses revealed that monthly rainfall is the only climatic variable that has a significant negative relationship (r = -0.579) with monthly public water supply. In other words water supply decreases whenever there is increase in rainfall and vice versa.  The study therefore recommended that proper planning and management such as increase in reservoir storage and treatment plant capacity may will go a long way to enhance sustainable public water supply in Ilorin.