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Cost-Benefit Analysis of Energy-Efficient Cooking Solutions in Rural Nigeria: Lessons from the Save80 Improved Cook-stove Program in Kaduna State, Nigeria
Robert Ugochukwu Onyeneke

Last modified: 2015-09-26


About three-quarter of Nigeria’s population depend on fuelwood for cooking, with very significant economic, health, and environmental impacts. Improved cook-stoves have been disseminated as an alternative to reduce these impacts. However, few detailed studies about the economic costs and benefits of improved cook-stoves (ICS) interventions, including economic, environmental and health co-benefits, exist to date. For this reason, analyzing the costs-benefits of improved cook-stove program will provide useful information to policy makers in designing policies and programs that will enhance efficient utilization of fuel-wood, improve productivity, reduce indoor air pollution, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This study therefore analyzed the costs and benefits of Save80 improved cook-stove program in Kaduna State, Nigeria where majority of households depend on fuel-wood for cooking. In this paper, a comprehensive economic evaluation of a dissemination program of ICS in rural Kaduna State, Nigeria was carried out. The resulting cost–benefit analysis (CBA) of the Save80 improved cook-stove is presented, utilizing estimation of direct costs and benefits, including fuel-wood savings, income generation, health impacts, environmental conservation, and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The analysis is based on comprehensive data obtained through random and purposive sampling of rural households in the study area. Results show that Save80 cook-stoves represent a viable economic option for improving living conditions of the rural households of Kaduna State, Nigeria, with benefit/cost ratio estimated at 30.15:1. The study recommends that the Save80 cook-stove should be introduced in all rural households in Nigeria.