Science Target Conference Systems, Ajman 4th International Environment Conference 2016

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Introduction of knowledge of waste separation in developing countries.
khondaker g.a. islam

Last modified: 2016-01-04


Importance of know how of waste separation must take place, for an easy cleanup and management of it, in developing countries. As polythene and plastic materials have become common usable, its uncontrolled land discharge is responsible for major soil degradation and pollution, resulting climate change. Therefore, it is an utmost importance to know the basic technology of its separation at the user point.

Most of the developing countries population are unaware and without knowledge of waste manaegement. They also do not know why it is so important for themselves and gerneration to come. Municipalities or building code authorities do not provide sufficient guide lines regarding this matter. As mixed organic and inorganic substances are dumped in same place they degrade the land, pollute the whole area, and create hazardous methene gas. This practice is increasing in a geometric progression along with population growth. On the other hand, poorly manage waste, depriving all healthy living.


This paper includes description of practical education and training processes. It also elaborates the details of methods and medium for it.


This education will be beneficial to the local and as well as the foreign folks as in today's world, through system of air transportation communication, made it easier to transfer any kind of pollution including SARS, MERS etc. So, to make the earth safe and its living sustainable , this knowledge is a must.