Science Target Conference Systems, Ajman 4th International Environment Conference 2016

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Assessment of Radiation Hazards Around Ruwisat Village, Sharm El-Sheikh Area, South Sinai, Egypt Mohamed Th. S. Heikal1*, Mohamed F. Ghoneim1, Bothina T. El Dousky1and Mahmoud I. Sherif2 1Geology Department, Faculty of Science, Tanta Universit
Mohamed Tharwat Salah Heikal

Last modified: 2015-09-10


Abstract. Ruwisat village is located some 10 km northwest of Sharm El Sheikh town . It is surrounded by basement rocks, mainly syno-alkali feldspar granites invaded by different types of dikes. The Present paper aims to determine the assessment of radiation hazards around this village due to external irradiation from granites and associated dikes.   The radiological and health risk assessments were investigated by calculating the different main parameters, based on the activity concentration of 238U, 232T, and 40Kh in basement exposures as determined by gamma-ray spectrometry. Anomalies values of the risk parameters were observed only for very limited sites, along Ruwisat shear zone comprising felsic dikes of aplite rock  located far from touristic Sharm El Sheikh town, whereas the locations of permanent population showed values that are usual and very safe. In conclusion, almost results obtained in the study area meets within the range of safe values and are below the values which can cause a significant radiation hazards.  An intensive coordination with the Ministry of Environmental Affairs of Egypt, the town planners and other responsible authorities' guarantees must take into considerations the recommendations of this study to regional land use planning.

Keywords: Assessment radiation hazards, Ruwisat village,  South Sinai ,granites, dikes.

*Corresponding author: Prof. Mohamed Th.S. Heikal (