Science Target Conference Systems, Ajman 4th International Environment Conference 2016

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Enhancement the efficiency of methyl orange and cadmium simultaneous removal using activated sewage sludge supported by photo - Fenton system
Mohamed Nageeb Rashed

Last modified: 2015-08-23


In this study activated sewage sludge supported by photo –Fenton system was used for simultaneous removal of methyl orange (MO) and cadmium from polluted water. Factors affecting MO and Cd2+ removal efficiency by adsorption or photo – Fenton/ adsorption system, such as UV irradiation, hydrogen peroxide, initial pollutants concentrations, adsorbent dosage, and solution pH were examined. The obtained results showed that activated sewage sludge was effective in MO and Cd2+ simultaneous removal by adsorption mechanism at low MO concentration. It was found that photo–Fenton/adsorption system showed better performance compared to an adsorption system in simultaneous removal of Cd2+ and MO. Photo–Fenton/ adsorption system led to enhancement the removal efficiencies of MO from 70.2 to 89.9 % at low MO concentration (25 mg/l), from 30.7 to 63.6% at high MO concentration (100 mg/l), and from 43.5 to 83.6 % at low adsorbent dosage (50 mg/50ml). The Cd2+ removal efficiency was up to more than 96 % at all systems. Adsorption and photo-Fenton kinetics represented a good fitting of the data