Science Target Conference Systems, Ajman 4th International Environment Conference 2016

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NGOs participation in Solid Waste Management for Future smart cities
Ritu Bala

Last modified: 2016-01-05


During the recent years, NGOs (non-governmental organizations) have taken up initiatives to work with local residents to improve sanitation. They have been playing an active role in organizing surveys and studies in specified disciplines of social and technological sciences. In the field of garbage management, such studies are useful in identifying areas of commercial potentials to attract private entrepreneurs. They can play an important role in segregation of waste, its collection and handling over to local authorities. A large number of NGOs are working in the field of solid waste management such as Clean Ahmedabad Abhiyan, Ahmedabad, Waste-Wise, Bangalore, Exnora, Chennai, Mumbai Environmental Action Group, Mumbai, and Vatavaran and Srishti in Delhi. They are all successfully creating awareness among the citizens about their rights and responsibilities towards solid waste and the cleanliness of their city. These organizations promote environmental education and awareness in schools and involve communities in the management of solid waste. Nevertheless, it is up to local government to clearly stipulate its ultimate responsibility and to actively improve its standards and facilities relating to the provision of proper waste management services. Therefore, in the case of Hisar , the local government has to give due attention to the specific concerns of NGOs.



Key words: Discarded, Phenomenon, Biodegradable, Sanitation