Science Target Conference Systems, Ajman 4th International Environment Conference 2016

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Promotion of Climate Smart Agriculture as a Sustainable Farming Option in Nigeria
Idowu Oluropo Ologeh, Victor Oluwasina Sobanke, Pamela Ogochukwu Mgbenwelu

Last modified: 2015-08-15


Agriculture is one of the sectors mostly affected by climate change. Nigerian farmers have been losing their harvests to the impacts of climate change leading to lower crop production and poorer livelihoods. Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) is an adaptation strategy that helps rural farmers adapt to climate change by making them resilient to its effects. It can be improved through the use of farm management practices like the SALM methodology which addresses the negative effects of climate change by making small holder farmers more adaptable to it thus increasing their productivity.

The study area is Kumbotso LGA in Kano state of Nigeria; farmers are introduced to the elements of SALM methodology:  residue management, composting, cultivation of cover crops and agro forestry for four seasons. 66% of the participating farmers record an average of 22% increase in crop yield, while 83% farmers report a 57% decrease in erosion rate.

The results of this paper will be useful for crop production agencies, NGOs in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa

Conference Track of Choice: Best Practice- Sustainable Agriculture

Key words: Climate- Smart Agriculture, food security, climate change, sustainable agriculture.