Science Target Conference Systems, Ajman 4th International Environment Conference 2016

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Innovation towards sustainable waste management in Nigeria, A Case study of Lagos State
Adewole Adegboyega Taiwo

Last modified: 2016-01-05


As Nigeria as one of the middle income Countries, with a population of over 170,million  the issue of Solid Waste management has still remained a major environmental concern in Nigeria. The concern is serious, particularly in the States with bigger towns and growing population. Good infrastructures are often gateways for investors and tourists thus also attract Rural to Urban migration.

This abstract with focus on the developing megacity in Nigeria- Lagos state with a population of over 18million inhabitat, the research work will focus on what effort the state of Lagos has put into the issue of waste management to achieve smart cities and green innovation, while also looking at some of the challenges we are facing, such as

  1. very low public awareness
  2. very high urbanization rate
  3. poor management strategies
  4. lack of initiatives
  5. Economic development and consequent improvement in the standards of living which has led to an increase in not the quantity but also complexity of the waste generated.
  6. The current state of dumpsite/landfill needs an urgent attention

While some of the solution the state has becoming up are upgrading of dumpsites to landfills, encouraging production of composte from waste and the private sector participation through massive recycling drive, which would be show case during the full paper presentation.

others include:

1. Waste Sorting at sources to Encourage Recycling

2. Organic Waste collection for production of compost for agricultural uses

3. Packaging External Support among other