International Journal of Sustainable Land Use and Urban Planning

ISSN 1927-8845

The International Journal of Sustainable Land Use and Urban Planning (IJSLUP) is a prime multidisciplinary forum for exchanging knowledge on fundamental and applied aspects of land use and urban planning. IJSLUP invites researchers, practitioners, professionals and consultants around the globe to publish high quality, peer-reviewed articles on contemporary and future developments in land use and urban planning.

Aims and Scope

IJSLUP publishes original and review papers, surveys, case studies, technical and management reports, viewpoints, book reviews, notes, commentaries and news in various aspects of land use and urban planning. IJSLUP ensures rapid publication of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of scientific excellence. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • The environmental performance of building system
  • Energy-efficient systems and environmental impacts
  • Human responses to the physical environment (thermal comfort, air quality, acoustic comfort, and visual comfort) in enclosed spaces
  • Technologies, paradigms, and strategies for sustainable development of built environments
  • Architecture and archeological reconstruction
  • Environment and civil engineering
  • Sustainability and environmental planning
  • Agriculture and the role of vegetation in mitigating
  • Urban pollution and human health problems
  • Innovative methods for alleviation of urban stress problems
  • The philosophy and policies of building research and architectural science
  • Education for the building design professions
  • Form and functions of urban ecology
  • Policy-making, planning and design related to urbanization
  • New information about urban environments and how they function
  • Urban planning and land use management
  • Sustainable management of natural resources
  • Methods and techniques used in nature conservation
  • Restoration ecology and ecosystem rehabilitation
  • Management of urban areas
  • Ecological modelling
  • Ecological economics
  • Wildlife management
  • Solution of environmental problems
  • Demographic changes and the environment
  • Landscape planning and design
  • Wetland creation and restoration
  • Restoration and rehabilitation of forests, grasslands, lakes, reservoirs and rivers
  • Development of sustainable agro ecosystems
  • Environmental modeling and analysis
  • Climate change


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