Death of the Human Embryo Caused by Electromagnetic Radiation – Short Report

Victor A Ovsyannikov


This article considers the consequences of environmental pollution by high frequency electromagnetic radiation (EMR). It was shown that it may lead to the death of human embryos (miscarriage) in the womb. This is happening in some countries, and in Russia it has had a catastrophic effect on the demographics of the nation. For example, in St. Petersburg, it was shown that high frequency EMR from cellular and other mobile devices is one of the main causes of decreas­ing birth rates and their consequent impact on the number of children in the city. Due to the destruction of embryos in the womb, the number of children in the city from 1990 to 2007 has decreased by 400 thousand people. This is more than all the population losses of Japan from the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Naga­saki. Another consequence of the influence of EMR on women in the perinatal pe­riod is the development of a number of diseases in an embryo and the birth of children with these diseases. In St. Petersburg, 30% of children are born with se­rious diseases.

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