Supporting Environmental Compliance Managers by Ticket Systems - An Industry Survey, Deployment Options and a Reference Business Process

Heiko Henning Thimm


Corporate environmental compliance managers are required to perform and supervise a set of complex tasks. It can be expected that the growing density of environmental regulations will contribute to even more challenges for compliance managers in the near future. As a result, companies are increasingly pressured to improve the efficiency of their compliance management processes by the use of automation approaches. For some specific compliance management processes it is expected that a partial process automation can be obtained through the use of a ticket system. However, so far only little is known about the general usage options and benefits of ticket systems for environmental compliance management. Given this gap, the article contains a corresponding demonstration and evaluation study. A reference process model for environmental compliance management and an industry survey of the top software capabilities desired by compliance managers serves as foundation for this study. The process automation options based on a ticket system are exemplified through a reference process for the new regulation management process. The process specification is given in the popular standardized graphical notation called “Business Process Model and Notation” (BPMN).

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