Solar Panel and Renewable Energy in Mexico Development and Outlook for Photovoltaic

José G Vargas-hernández, Emmanuel Rodolfo Ascencio Espinosa


Mexico has a great opportunity for the use of renewable energy (RE ofall types, including solar, geothermal, hydro, etc.., because it is a country with diverseclimate and sea life that has not been thoroughly explored. It is necessaryto identify the most suitable options for promoting public policies and finding anabsolute advantage. Given international theories, we can use the same basis forrethinking the development of the sector, using the country’s advantage in termsof natural resources and climate types as a guide. We also see that internationalexperience shows that it is possible to establish markets’ "green energy" whereend users cover their costs and create a highly profitable emerging market forboth provider and consumer. There are existing government programs that supportthe same, a fact that makes investment from national and international firmstempting.

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